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Prabhat Kumar, a former cabinet secretary who has served under four Indian prime ministers, put Indian perceptions of globalization into sharp focus.
By way of example, he says that the governments of some countries, such as Ireland and China, have taken the concept of globalization seriously and have placed their economies in a good position for growth.
When formulating a globalization strategy, the first step is to conduct a worldwide technology audit to understand the deployment of resources, and what compatibility and integration issues exist.
Globalization supporters argue that many more people benefit from globalization than are harmed by it.
Wartburg's participation in the Globalization of Theological Education program bolstered its historical global connection and local ecumenism.
Producers of advanced localization/translation technologies such as Trados are a central cog in the globalization wheel, employing advanced technology to create integrated multilingual services, or what Trados's managing director Kawasaki calls "globalization consulting.
Singer discusses the work of three Norwegian researchers who have applied buying-power indices to international income statistics, and found that from 1970 to 1997, as globalization was reaching around the world, international inequality steadily declined, if rather shallowly.
Globalization has received several body blows this year.
It will examine ways that international organizations can help turn globalization into a more inclusive process as well as:
But opponents say globalization tilts the playing field in favor of the world's wealthiest nations, leading to harsh working conditions in many foreign countries and often trapping those nations in continuing poverty.
The ruling Saudi elite opposes political globalization because they fear it will bring the menace of more democracy and an open society.