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If the party seeking to revoke a trade mark registration can show that the owner has not taken appropriate action to ensure the public does not use the trade mark generically, it is more than likely it will be in a strong position to have the trade mark registration revoked.
In short, in order to prevent research on human embryos from occurring, in vitro fertilization by all methods must be generically prohibited in both public and private domains by law.
Serious engagement with the "information explosion" that followed the collapse of press censorship was left to historians, who were less troubled than literary critics by the ephemeral, polemical nature of such writing, or by its generically bewildering variety.
A: All skin ulcers, including all skin tears, are to be coded in Ml, which identifies them generically as ulcers.
However, freshness of story--including a generically friendly boyfriend who likes Christina from the very beginning and whose love, refreshingly, is not an issue of contention--makes this story of Christina's growth from depression to engagement with life altogether engrossing.
The range is wide both chronologically and generically, from Judge Daniel Horsmanden's account of the "legal" handing and burning at the stake of thirty-one slaves and free blacks accused of conspiring to burn and loot New York City in 1741, to slave narratives, and to extensive treatment of works by Delany, Chesnutt, Hopkins, Johnson, Schuyler, Du Bois, Fisher, Hurston, Wright, Motley, Himes, Ellison, and others, not to mention black comics and gangsta rap, all in the context of American law and jurisprudence.
It is the emotional echo of experiences linked to a domestic habitat made up of generically "modern" and somewhat shoddy furniture, flashy and gaudy wallpaper, violently colored upholstery--in a word, an environment both meager and vital, charged with energy.
The subject is motherhood, specifically Welch's own mother, ballerina Marilyn Jones, and, generically, all mothers.
At the heart of the dispute is a researcher who, the institution says, invented the Aids drug Ziagen, known generically as abacavir.
Facing off against the family-friendly Tarzan, America's favorite trash-talking kids are taking to the big screen in the generically titled South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, which includes an appearance by the proud and hirsute Big Gay Al.
David Marek, product manager of antimigraine medications, says the DTC campaign for Zomig, known generically as zolmitriptan, is helping to drive the company's commitment to providing consumers with information they need to make correct health care decisions.