general agent

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General Agent

An agent authorized to perform a limited number of transactions on behalf of a client over a specified period of time. The general agent's authority and responsibilities are terminated at the conclusion of this period of time.

general agent

See agency.

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As a result, the world where insurers, managing general agents, and brokers each had their own imaging systems and data forms reflecting their own individual touches was dying.
Li Jun, CEO of CCID Consulting, says China P&T and Telling, the two largest national general agents in China respectively, released sales figures which startled the industry in early 2007; both achieved growth much faster than average market growth during the same period.
A managing general agent wants to organize an agent-owned offshore captive insurance company.
There's a huge opportunity with managing general agents and retail agents to have more efficient interfacing as well," Deibler said.
The company markets its products directly and through a network of over 125 general agents and service organizations, allowing it to reach over 5,000 franchised and independent automobile dealerships, and over 500 credit unions, banks, specialty lenders, and manufacturers.
According to the company, the Crawford inspired succession model not only allows their agencies to continue to thrive when a General Agent retires, but also enables General Agents to reap the rewards of building a successful practice.
where he served as Senior Vice President and Branch Manager of the company's Westport office specializing in large Managing General Agent accounts while directing the Benfield Program Solutions team.
March 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The MassMutual Financial Group announced that its San Francisco Bay Area Agency, under the leadership of General Agent Robert Fakhimi, has earned a fourth consecutive Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company's (MassMutual) National Chairman's Trophy.
Larry Berran, President and CEO of iPipeline, commented, "Our general agent customers have been requesting Coventry First's information be added to iPipeline's tools on their websites to expose the secondary market to their agents and to make it easier to do business.
Rising interest rates, new competitors, more demanding customers and the evolving business needs of top producers fueled the growth of two channels-- the personal producing general agent and life brokers.

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