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No-Sag: A free flowing bio-polymer when added to a bentonite based drilling fluid provides increased gel strength, resulting in superior suspension of coarse drill cuttings, sand and gravel.
The scientists, who had previously worked on the interaction of proteins with peptides, found that peptides containing a thiol group could be employed to control the gel strength of a heat-induced whey protein system.
These values are in line with the gel strength reported for other synthesised hydrogels for potential tissue engineering applications.
The gel strength and jelly strength showed consistent trends among the IFP samples; however, treatment with MDCM hydrolysates imparted higher breaking force values than control group at 4 and 6 weeks.
The fundamental properties such as the equilibrium swelling ratio, the gel strength, the crosslinking density and the average molecular weight between crosslink points for PDMAEMA hydrogels crosslinked with different crosslinking agents were investigated as a function of the gel preparation concentration.
The use of highly methoxylated pectin increases the gel strength of the prepared mango and ambarella jams.
Gel strengths can vary widely depending upon the application.
The high moisture content of the test surimi resulted in low gel strength (GS) values.
Gel strength is qualitatively characterized using the "Sydansk scale," which is coded by integers from zero to ten.
Instead, the Drilplex, which is a rheology modifier, decreased the gel strength and lessened the opportunity for crews to pressure up the formation and create or cause an inadvertent fracture.
Ascend (trehalose) also helps to maintain a product freshness through improved gel strength and elasticity to a greater extent, than the industrial standard after six months storage.