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General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)

A treaty adopted by the United Nations aimed at elimination of international trade barriers between member countries.

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

An international treaty, originally written in 1947, intending to establish a framework for international trade, with the goal of the reduction and elimination of tariffs. Its provisions were amended a number of times since its promulgation, but its goals remained the same until 1995, when it was replaced by the World Trade Organization. See also: Doha round.


General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).

A General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was signed in 1947 to provide an international forum to encourage free trade, reduce tariffs, and provide a mechanism for resolving trade disputes.

The Uruguay Round Agreements Act was ratified by Congress in 1994 to foster trade by cutting international tariffs, standardizing copyright and patent protection, and liberalizing trade legislation.




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Although the TP may be easier to use with younger patients than the GAT and NCT, the results of our study show that measuring with the TP may yield IOP values which are artificially low.
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It was in this nurturing environment that Gat presented his first solo work, Four Dances, in 1994, only a year after he started performing professionally.
Gat also details the decline in major wars since the nineteenth century, pointing out that affluence and broadly spread wealth has simply blunted the evolutionary drive of human beings for resources.
Our proprietary Optimum GAT trait combined with the Roundup Ready trait in elite Pioneer soybean genetics would be superior to any other product on the market--better yields and broader, more flexible weed control options," Borel added.
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