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ch] - channel length, m; M - molecular mass, kg/mol; P - pressure vector, Pa; R - universal gas constant, J/(kg mol K); S - source term; T - temperature, K; [?
Constants and Critical Values of IAPWS-95 (IAPWS 1995) Quantity Symbol Value Universal molar gas constant [[bar.
2]/s) L length of the collector tube (m) M molecular weight (kg/mol) N number of moles (mol) p pressure (Pa) Q gas flow rate (mol/s) r internal radius of tube (m) R universal gas constant (J/mol K) t time (s) T absolute temperature (K) V volume of the system ([m.
5NRT, where N = crosslink density, R = gas constant and T = absolute temperature.
A] is the activation energy, R is the molar gas constant and T is the ageing temperature.
With more accurate calculations and data, the scientific community has revised their best estimate of the universal gas constant from 8.
equilibrium adsorbate concentration (mmol/g) R universal gas constant, R =8.
P] are the universal gas constant, the gas temperature, and the gas's second pressure virial coefficient, respectively.
1]] are pre-exponential factor, activation energy and gas constant.