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Crime blotter II: The government has garnisheed the pension of former Detroit Tigers pitcher Denny McLain to reimburse a pension fund he was convicted of pilfering.
A loan is rated at its face value--in this case $30 million--plus accrued interest, and it is usually possible to recover money when a loan is bad; the collateral can be seized and the salary of the lender can be garnisheed.
Powers was struggling with debt and his paycheck from Blackstone National was being garnisheed by the IRS for $5,192.
19, a judge in Tarrant County, Texas, garnisheed Country Coach's operating bank account in the amount of $497,611 for the collection of a judgment sought by Southern Holdings LLC.
Alarcon said there are 1,385 city workers who now have a portion of their checks garnisheed for child support.
Financially capable" persons (200 percent of the poverty level) who choose not to purchase at least catastrophic insurance and end up needing care will have their wages garnisheed by the government over the course of seven years.