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A security that increase in price during a trading day. That is, a gainer has a higher price at the close than it did at the open. See also: Loser.


A security that has risen in price during a specified period. Compare loser.


Stocks that increase in value over the course of the trading day are described as gainers or advancers.

Those that increase the most in relation to their opening price are called percentage gainers, or percentage winners. Those that go up the greatest number of points are called net gainers, or dollar winners.

On a day that the stock market indexes go up, there are typically more gainers than there are losers or laggards -- stocks that have lost value. And on a day where there's little change, there are likely to be similar numbers of gainers and losers.

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On the positive side, Insurance sector remained key gainer for the second consecutive day, advancing 0.
Among the other major gainers in the sector were Global Investment House and Al Safat Investment Co.
The buoyant update meant IP was the day's largest Footsie gainer, and helped the FTSE 100 Index close above the 5,300 mark for the first time since January 4.
But for both the biggest gainer and the biggest loser in the local index, the cause for activity in their stocks was largely a mystery.
The table presents population data for the 10 largest gainers for numbers of persons, the 10 fastest growing in percentage terms, and the 10 largest metropolitan areas.
Gainers outpaced losers 50 to 42, with 56 issues remaining unchanged.
33 per square foot, while the remaining gainers inched up less than $.
Top sales gainers by percent in 1994 included several retailers that were also top sales gainers last year: Montgomery Ward Direct (38.
This volume consists of thirteen papers presented at a conference at the University of Rochester in 1988; these are prefaced by a 20 page introduction on the gainers and losers in the Atlantic slave trade by the editors.
Market hot lists offer one-click access to individual stock and market index information, including stocks with the highest volume for the day; the largest percentage gainers and losers; stocks making new yearly highs and new yearly lows; unusual volume; most volatile, unfilled gaps, and number of trades.
The top gainers were meanwhile (ACICO), (RKWC), (MUNTAZAHAT), (SAFTEC), and (MASSALEH).