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Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) may develop in patients with renal failure on gadolinium administration and may even be life-threatening.
We examined the in vitro effect of three different gadolinium formulations on calcium measurements obtained by two OCP-based calcium methods as well as their effect on an arsenazo-based method.
The permanent magnets and the gadolinium don't require any energy inputs to make them work," Gschneidner explains, "so the only energy it takes is the electricity for the motors to spin the wheel and drive the water pumps.
As reported in the FDA-approved prescribing information, unlike other available gadolinium contrast agents, MultiHance demonstrates weak and transient interactions with serum proteins, which result in a proton magnetic relaxivity that is approximately twice that of other gadolinium contrast agents available for sale in the U.
The different structures of the ligands (shown in Figure 5) bound to the gadolinium atom impart different imaging properties and stabilities.
The gadolinium chelate eventually detaches from the artery walls and is cleared by the kidneys.
Other brands of gadolinium contrast also have been associated with NSF, including Magnevist, manufactured by Schering, and OptiMARK, manufactured by Mallinckrodt.
On MRI of the brain with gadolinium contrast, the classic sign of intracranial hypotension due to a CSF leak is contiguous, pachymeningeal enhancement, Dr.
The lesions these scans reveal continue to show up as high-water bright spots after the gadolinium enhancements have gone away.
ProHance is the only macrocyclic gadolinium contrast agent available in the U.
Free gadolinium is toxic, so it is chelated with another compound that reduces its toxicity by altering its pharmacokinetics.