future interest

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Future Interest

In real estate, ownership of a property without the right to use it at present. For example, the owner of an apartment has a future interest if she rents it to a tenant. She may own the apartment, but the tenant has the right to live there. Generally, the owner may enter without permission or at least prior notice.

future interest

Interest in land in which the possession and enjoyment are deferred until a future date.

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Supreme Court decision that a gift to a trust was a future interest because it took joint action by two trustees for the beneficiary to gain possession of the property; the Tax Court and the Court of Claims reached similar conclusions about gifts to corporations.
Foster noted that while a more refined methodology for projecting future interest income had been used for the March 30 report, a programming mistake resulted in an erroneous projection of interest earnings.
Also, the organization has benefited from the commutation of the Hannover Re net account quota share agreement, effective December 31, 2006, given the good performance of the underlying business as well as the elimination of future interest charges.
Future interest payments may be made with the company's common stock, or added to the principal of the debt, at Lonrho's option.
Applicants will be required to submit an essay of 500 words (minimum) describing applicable work experience, academic strengths, career objectives, reasons for applying, experience or future interest with nutrition and experience with AK including future plans for research.
In its statement, the central bank said it was moving its policy directive, which is intended to signal future interest rate moves, back to neutral.
Hoffman, President and Chief Executive Officer, said: "The successful completion of our refinancing substantially reduces the Company's leverage and expected future interest expense, which combined with the new agreement's less restrictive conditions, will give us increased flexibility to pursue our expansion plans and other growth opportunities.
All statements, other than statements of historical facts, including statements regarding our strategy, effectiveness of investment programs, evaluations of future interest rate trends and liquidity, expectations as to growth in assets, deposits and results of operations, success of acquisitions, future operations, market position, financial position, and prospects, plans, goals and objectives of management are forward-looking statements.
While not explicitly addressed, this theory also implies that any transaction expenses incurred in acquiring the future interest would also be capitalized and recovered at resolution of the interest.
A In announcing Tuesday's action, the Fed maintained a neutral stance on future interest rate decisions, expressing confidence in the economic outlook.
Its ability to meet future interest payments, to redeem preferred shares as required and to maintain access to capital markets depends to a large extent on continued exploration success.

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