funded debt

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Funded debt

Debt maturing after more than one year.

Long-Term Debt

Bonds, loans, and any other debt with a maturity of longer than one year. Long-term debt is used for capital outlays, which usually involves a business' need to buy the basic necessities for its operations, such as facilities and major assets. It is also called funded debt.

funded debt

Long-term interest-bearing debt, such as that for bonds and debentures.
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Under the amendments, the Company is required to maintain Total Net Funded Debt to EBITDA Ratios (as defined therein) of: less than or equal to 3.
50 to 1 Total Net Funded Debt to EBITDA ratio to September 30, 2017, with a measured step down of the ratio to 3.
For purposes of the amendment, Consolidated Funded Debt is generally defined as total outstanding liabilities for borrowed money and other interest-bearing liabilities, plus an amount equal to the amount that accounts payable exceed accounts receivable, and less an amount equal to the value of unpledged cash equivalent investments.
Our management uses Credit Agreement EBITDA and Total Funded Debt to evaluate compliance with Rock-Tenn's debt covenants and borrowing capacity available under its Senior Credit Facility.
Set forth below is a reconciliation of Total Funded Debt to the most directly comparable GAAP measures, Current Portion of Debt and Total Long-Term Debt:
First, the series 2000 CO sale included provisions for a fully funded debt service reserve fund.
The availability of a fully funded debt service reserve fund and $200 million in property insurance coverage provide adequate levels of protection against single-facility risk at this rating level.
The fully funded debt service reserve fund and other funds and accounts equal about $225 million, which exceeds maximum annual debt service and is sufficient to more than cover the next three years of debt service requirements.
In addition, Rehoboth currently maintains a fully funded debt service reserve fund.
4 times (x) over the forecast period, sound legal provisions including fully funded debt service reserve, 20-year level debt, and programmatic flexibility to slow capital projects as necessary.