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Fundamental Information

The facts that affect a company's underlying value. Examples of fundamental information include debt, cash flow, supply of and demand for the company's products, and so forth. For instance, if a company does not have a sufficient supply of products, it will fail. Likewise, demand for the product must remain at a certain level in order for it to be successful. Strong fundamental information is considered essential for long-term success and stability. See also: Value investing, Fundamental analysis.


The basic economic, financial, and operating factors that influence the success of a business and the price of its securities. Fundamentals of a security include the price-earnings ratio, dividend payout, and earnings-per-share growth.
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Fundamental Learning Center has grown more than 40,000 young readers since the Center opened 13 years ago.
By the end of this year, the Foundation's Selection Committee, which is comprised of prior recipients of the Fundamental Physics Prize, will publicly announce the three laureates of the Physics Frontiers Prize and up to three laureates of the New Horizons in Physics Prize.
The two authors also charge that string theory practitioners stifle rival theoretical approaches to fundamental physics while ignoring increasingly obvious weaknesses of their own theorizing.
A striking example of Brazil's efforts to improve its economic fundamentals is the fact that in each of the past four years, the Brazilian government has achieved a primary budget surplus in excess of 4 percent of GDP.
Though virtually all Humanists and progressives would agree that a woman should have a fundamental right to make her own reproductive choices, one must concede that Roe, by declaring that right judicially (and therefore bypassing the democratic process), led to several undesirable and unforeseen consequences.
Cold neutrons and ultracold neutrons have been employed in a wide variety of investigations that shed light on important issues in nuclear, particle, and astrophysics in the determination of fundamental constants and in the study of fundamental symmetry violation.
Returning to the knowledge profile of the fundamental sign; the four very important concepts (fallibilism, idealism, realism, and phaneroscopy) constrain the concept of the fundamental sign, and it must be understood in relation to these important concepts.
One suggests that issuers are deeply troubled companies that may be on the verge of bankruptcy, have poor fundamentals and an atrocious credit rating, or are offering an unattractive public stock to buyers.
These fundamentals are an important first step toward educating all Americans about the importance of responsible credit management," said Treasury Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions Wayne A.
According to Matthay, loveliness in the quality of sound depends largely on the string's vibrations tending toward simple, regular movement, like that of the fundamental where the string vibrates along its full length rather than compound, irregular movements when the string vibrates in smaller sections.
In education the issue is not simply to change the policy, but also to change the practice--a tricky translation, particularly when the policy requires fundamental change in the behavior of both adults and children, A state sets an "accountability goal," such as requiring students to pass an examination, and uses that score as a marker for academic achievement.
The fundamental physical constants also demonstrate fine-tuning: had the weak and strong nuclear forces, electromagnetic force, or electron charge been minutely different, conditions would have proved unsu itable for the evolution of life.

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