fund switching

Fund switching

Moving money within a mutual fund family from one mutual fund to another.

Fund Switching

The practice of selling shares in a mutual fund and using the proceeds to buy shares in another mutual fund. An investor does this when economic conditions or his/her investment goals have changed. Because of the fees (known as loads) associated with buying and selling mutual funds, fund switching can be expensive unless one is switching within a fund family or between no-load funds.

fund switching

An investment activity in which shares in one mutual fund are sold and the proceeds from the sale are reinvested in another mutual fund. Fund switching results from an investor's changed perception of investment opportunities. For example, an individual may become bearish and switch money from a growth fund to a money market fund. Because of the high sales charges involved in purchasing some funds, fund switching is practical only if no-load funds are used or if the investor switches within a family of funds.
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Turner pay more than $700,000 in restitution for unsuitable sales of the funds and for excessive mutual fund switching.
Given that this product has only one fund, the Gold Fund, it avoids the hassles of fund switching at a later date," LIC International Qatar manager Barinder Singh Rana said yesterday.
Lane County Elections Director Annette Newingham asked the county's board of commissioners to place a levy before the voters to fund switching to a new voting system, but the commissioners declined.