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London, Sept 8 ( ANI ): Researchers from the US have pointed out that fruit juices and smoothies are now a new risk to our health because of the amount of sugar the healthy drinks are believed to contain.
Sukru Yilmaz, Production Manager of Limkon Fruit Juice Facility, told A.
More than nine per cent of the adult population in the UAE drinks fruit juice daily.
According to company officials, the result is a fruit juice with 25% less sugar content than other 100% pure juices.
In fact, people who replaced all fruit juice with eating whole fruits could expect a 7% drop in their risk of developing type 2.
According to trade sources the average fruit juice content of beverages in the fruit juice beverage category is increasing.
Jack Winkler, chairman of a health pressure group, said: "There is a huge idea among parents that fruit juice is good for you and sugar is bad.
The new bottle will be used for Hartridges fruit juice range comprising orange, pineapple, grapefruit and tomato, and other products will be added in due course.
Ocean Spray Fruit Juice Bars and No Sugar Added Ocean Spray Fruit Juice Bars are fat free.
Drain the fruit juice into a bowl, reserving 300ml of the juice.
Perron views smoothies - a blended thick fruit drink that's a combination of fresh fruit juice, fresh or frozen fruit, ice and sometimes a sherbet, sorbet or nonfat frozen yogurt - as the ``ultimate fast food.