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span lang="EN-US">"This is one of several agreements SOKOTRA Capital and DIBAQ are discussing in order to leverage DIBAQ's unique capabilities and experience in the animal nutrition business and SOKOTRA Capital's expertise and developed network of relationships across frontier markets.
Finally, MSCI Barra said that Lebanon, like most emerging and frontier markets, exhibits some shortcomings but found "no major issues" in the stability of the institutional framework, and in particular in the enforcement of the rule of law.
The research provides two key insights: the current state of sentiment toward countries in the frontier markets, and the change in sentiment over time.
You should nevertheless be aware that Frontier markets are in a very specialised and small space and I am generally worried about lack of liquidity and also the fact that corporate governance in many of these countries is not up to the standards expected by western investors.
According to experts, the reclassification will help reduce the overlap between frontier markets and the Mena region.
Such macro forces had less impact on frontier markets, says Sean Wilson, chief investment officer at New York--based LR Global Partners, which oversees about $200mn in developing-nation investments.
Specific case studies in Turkey, China, India, Mexico, Brazil and the frontier markets of Iraq and the countries of Sub Saharan Africa are included.
Investing in frontier markets is facilitated by the existence of benchmark investable indexes constructed by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) and Standard and Poor's (S&P).
Certainly, the number of investors active in the emerging markets space is far larger than for the more risky frontier markets, but some caution still seems wise.
While the future opportunities are numerous, the vehicles available to invest in frontier markets are few.
We've established these UCITS funds in response to growing demand for high-quality access to frontier markets," said Mohammed Al Hashemi, head of asset management at Invest A.
Meanwhile, MSCI has added several Arabian Gulf stocks including UAE-based Arabtec Holding to its frontier markets gauge in its semi-annual review for the compiler's equity indices.
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