front money

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Seed Capital

Money used for the initial market research and/or operations for a company. Seed money is vitally important because, without it, a company can hardly come into being, let alone become successful. It may come from a loan, and initial public offering, or from another source. For example, it is famously said that Ross Perot established Electronic Data Systems with $1,000 in personal savings; in this case, Perot's savings account contained his seed money. See also: Seed round.

front money

Cash needed to start a development, as opposed to borrowed funds. See seed money.

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But, a member of the New York Commission, who spoke off the record because the person was not authorized yet to publicly comment on the commission's findings, said that some members--which include the Mayor of Buffalo Byron Brown, the former state comptroller Carl McCall and Assemblyman Herman Farretl--rejected monetization deals that would turn assets like municipal parking meter systems and tolled roadways into up front money.
Wasatch Front money spends just as well in Cache Valley as in California.
The situation is also ripe to use change orders as a sneaky way to compensate for the early payments, since that front money has already been spent.
Be up Front -- "Open a Front Money account at the Cashiers cage when you first arrive.
Withholding first paychecks--a common corporate practice--can devastate new employees who must front money for extra costs such as work clothing.
We have worked out the math and ensured that the up- front money is a small sum.