friendly takeover

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Friendly takeover

Merger when the target firm's management and board of directors is in favor of the takeover. Antithesis of hostile takeover.

Friendly Takeover

The acquisition of one company by another with the full knowledge and consent of the target company's board of directors. Generally speaking, a friendly takeover requires the approval of shareholders in addition to the board of directors, but, in this case, shareholders tend to follow the board's lead. This is because, in a friendly takeover, the acquiring company offers a premium to the current stock price for each share. See also: Hostile takeover.

friendly takeover

The acquisition of a firm with approval of the acquired firm's board of directors. Compare unfriendly takeover.
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1988), I distinguish between hostile and friendly takeover attempts.
503 US 79 (1992)--denying deductions for banking and legal fees incurred to Facilitate a friendly takeover offer--gave rise to concerns that the IRS would seek to curtail current deductibility of other types of business expenses that could be viewed as creating more than an incidental future benefit.
said Friday it has completed a friendly takeover by raising its stake in Matsushita Electric Works Co.
The latest revision of the CAP also removes product delays and reduction of interoperability with third-party products as refund triggers, both of which Oracle had claimed could happen even after a friendly takeover.
An easyJet shareholders meeting next week is expected to approve the friendly takeover of Go, to create Europe's biggest lowcost carrier.
What began as a friendly takeover has ended up as a court battle.
A more friendly takeover will be crucial to keep on the key managers at NatWest which will make the merger progress quicker.
Beaulieu of America's affiliate C&M Holdings, which is attempting a friendly takeover of Peerless Carpet, has been granted an extension of the mailing date for its bid circular to Oct.
It's an altogether underleveraged franchise - although Matthew Cullerne Bown's massive Socialist Realist Painting makes a strong bid for a friendly takeover.
Supreme Court required the target company to capitalize investment banking fees incurred in connection with a friendly takeover.
Commissioner,(2) the Supreme Court held that expenditures incurred by a target corporation in the course of a friendly takeover are nondeductible capital expenditures.