Freeze out

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Freeze out

The action of pressurizing shareholders with relatively minor amounts of stock to sell their shares after a takeover.

Freeze Out

1. In an acquisition, a provision in a charter allowing the acquiring company to buy out all minority shareholders in the target company for a fair price for a limited period of time. The freeze out provision usually lasts from two to five years following the acquisition.

2. A situation in which the majority shareholder(s) of a company pressure minority shareholders to sell their holdings. For instance, majority shareholders may conduct a freeze out by completely shutting minority shareholders out of the decision making process or by withholding pertinent (but not legally required) information.
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Early in 1990, Treasury Department personnel recommended the incomplete transfer rules of IRC section 2036(c) be replaced by legislation preventing abusive under-valuation of common stock given or sold by a transferor in an estate freeze transaction.
To protect plants from future freezes, you can either wrap them in old blankets or burlap, or build simple protective mini-greenhouse structures covered in plastic.
As soon as the frog's skin begins to freeze, the animal's liver, an organ that filters toxins from the body, cranks out a type of blood sugar called glucose, also found in humans.
Together, the data indicate that the time needed to freeze a given volume of supercooled water varies drastically--by a factor of up to 100,000--according to droplet size, says Tabazadeh.
They freeze the rate, but the assessments, the assessed valuations and the bills go up.
Extruding low-bulk-density reclaim materials can cause surging and fluctuations in extruder output, which can cause enough inconsistency in polymer flow to freeze die holes in a random fashion.
Everyone agrees that the system for using a security" freeze is complicated.
The water freezes when it comes into contact with the permafrost at the bottom of the fissure.
Freeze dryers are primarily found in pharmaceutical, biotech and food laboratories.
A solution containing one of these solutes that would freeze at about -5 [degrees] C is prepared.
The abrupt change in temperature and the cold's severity combined to create a double-whammy, now known as the Halloween Freeze.