free stock

Free stock

A stock that is paid for in full and is not pledged in any way as collateral.

Free Stock

A stock a person may sell, short sell, use as collateral on a loan, or otherwise use without restriction. Free stock either was not bought with borrowed funds or has been paid in full.

free stock

Securities that are held by brokerage firms or in a margin account and can be loaned or used for hypothecation.
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Instead of opening dozens of browser windows, users are telling us that they are delighted to get fast access to all their favorite free stock research sites in one convenient place," said Gal Arav, founder and CEO of InstantBull, Inc.
Through the agreement, SWsoft hosting providers can come directly to SWsoft to resell Fotolia's fast growing database of more than 600,000 inexpensive, royalty free stock images and illustrations.
We are very proud to add the free stock picks to our desktop financial portal," said William McKinley, President of Investing Systems.