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A method to access, trap, and monitor field populations of the Formosan termite (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) in the urban environment.
Both were with the ARS Formosan termite research project in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the time the research was done.
Caption: One Formosan termite little and vulnerable but together the insects can draw on many protective powers, including fecal microbes built into their colony walls.
1) Mississippi State University Formosan Termite Research Laboratory, Poplarville, MS
Rumors started to fly over the Internet that mulch arriving in nurseries this spring might contain wood chips from Louisiana, an adopted home of the highly aggressive and destructive Formosan termite.
The Norway rat and the yellow fever mosquito and the Formosan termite remind us of our vulnerability, which we, the naked ape, have worked so hard to leave behind.
He indicates that the bait system makes it possible to detect and control subterranean termites, including the highly destructive Formosan termite that has spread throughout Florida and the Southeast.
In Hawaii, the mini but mighty Formosan termite attacks with mandibles that drill cinder block, and pierce copper and plastic pipe.
The pressure-treated wood was selected for its ability to repel the dreaded Formosan termite, a growing problem for coastal areas nationwide.
For reference, the loading specified in the AWPA standards for Formosan termite zones (AWPA 2012d) is 4.
Measurement of time taken by the Formosan termite, Coptotermes formosanus, to pass tunnel intersections.