foreign judgment

judgment, foreign

A judgment taken in another state.Once the judgment has been entered and becomes final in the other state,it may be domesticated—filed of record—in any other state where the debtor may have property. The judgment debtor may not relitigate the original issues at that time,unless there are very extraordinary circumstances.

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creditors' rights after the recognition of the foreign judgment.
62) Quebec has thus, by legislation, resolved the issue discussed by Black and Swan, supra note 42, of whether the forum should recognize a foreign judgment reached in a parallel action if the foreign court issues judgment first.
ALI, Proposed Foreign Judgments Act, supra note 19, [section] 7(a) provides: "A foreign judgment shall not be recognized or enforced in a court in the United States if the court finds that comparable judgments of courts in the United States would not be recognized or enforced in the courts of the state of origin.
Despite the perceived advantages of this practice, it is difficult to introduce expert evidence in a Canadian court to establish the principles of a foreign governing law and to enforce a foreign judgment in Canada if a U.
Many parties found themselves seeking to have states register foreign child support orders the way they would any foreign judgment; they had to rely on a separate statute in a state that took cognizance of a foreign judgment, or they had to rely on the doctrine of comity.
A foreign judgment will be recognized and enforced only if the original court had jurisdiction based on a real and substantial connection with the parties and/or the action.
The total reached $24 million when a Kansas bank recently filed a foreign judgment against Clary and his wife, Cynthia, in Pulaski County Circuit Court.
The law--authored by Assemblymen Rory Lancman and Tom Alfano and Senate Deputy Majority Leader Dean Skelos--bars New York courts from enforcing such foreign libel judgments, and expands a person's ability to have a court declare a foreign judgment invalid.
Then a Montana business owner could find himself in court in another country--or in this country, defending himself against a foreign judgment.
27) The Hague Convention does provide member countries with an escape clause, so long as the foreign judgment is "manifestly incompatible with public policy.
For the enforcement of a foreign judgment in the EU, the interested party must file a recourse with the Court of Appeal along with the original judgment and other documents.
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