foreign crowd

Foreign crowd

NYSE members who trade in foreign bonds on the floor.

Foreign Crowd

Members of the New York Stock Exchange who deal primarily or exclusively in foreign bonds. See also: Crowd.

foreign crowd

Members of the New York Stock Exchange who trade foreign bonds on the exchange floor.
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1 Tokyo Hamburger' offered a taste of home for the almost 100% foreign crowd, although without access to buns, the meat was cut square so as to fit the sliced bread.
We might even relax a little in front of a foreign crowd as we're under pressure at home because our fans expect plenty of goals.
Schaeffer said the global test will be whether George Foreman can play to a foreign crowd.
Foreigners made up around 25 percent of the population at the time, and while affluent Egyptians can be seen amongst the foreign crowd, the working class Egyptian or Bedouin is not afforded any space in the book.
While Wordsworth's experience with foreign crowds is pleasant enough, native crowds become for him sites of illegibility and alienation.
In contrast, ``Mary'' features pushing-the-envelope jokes about the disabled and zipper accidents that may offend or not make sense to foreign crowds.

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