force majeure

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Force Majeure

Events outside the control of the parties. These events are acts of man, nature, governments and regulators, or impersonal events. Contract performance is forgiven or extended by the period of force majeure.

Force Majeure Risk

The risk of loss to a company from an act of God. For example, force majeure risk is the risk that company will lose production from a factory if a tornado comes and destroys the factory. See also: Act of God bond.

force majeure

Something outside the control of parties to a contract and which could not have been foreseen or planned for.Usually found in construction contracts,suspending the time limits in the event of a force majeure.It can include Acts of God,such as tornadoes and hurricanes,or acts of humans,such as a strike,terrorist attack,or other such disruptive event.

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As such, he rejected the notice to declare force majeure by the Discos.
Whilst most of local construction contracts are (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) FIDIC-based, many have extensive amendments to force majeure clauses.
1 of the FIDIC Yellow and Silver Books defines force majeure as:
In Canada, as with other common law jurisdictions, force majeure arises from the terms of a particular contract as opposed to operating as an independent legal doctrine that is applied to all contracts.
After ECJ's ruling in late September, railway companies are now legally obliged to compensate their customers in case of delays or cancellations due to force majeure, for example storms, floods or strikes.
The court nevertheless held that this possibility of exemption concerns only the passenger's right to receive compensation for damage or loss resulting from the delay - therefore there is no obligation to reimburse additional accommodation costs, for example, in cases of delay due to force majeure - but not reimbursement of the ticket price.
The SEP Clearance would ordinarily have been expected to be received in September 2012 and the notice of force majeure seeks a suspension of permit obligations from this date until the receipt of the SEP Clearance," the company added.
THEDAILYPREVIEW EDDIE IZZARD - FORCE MAJEURE: NIA, BIRMINGHAM WORLD class stand-up comedy star Eddie Izzard has added a second Midlands date to his Force Majeure tour next year.
Kogas") and BG Gulf Coast LNG, LLC ("BG") are required to take a specified quantity of LNG less (1) quantities unable to be taken for reasons attributable to Force Majeure affecting the purchaser; (2) quantities for which the purchaser exercised a contractual right to cancel delivery; and (3) quantities of LNG not meeting contractual specifications.
BP has lifted Force Majeure in respect of its Libyan Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement (EPSA) with the National Oil Corporation (NOC) effective 15th May 2012.