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The new industry focused factory provides considerable advantages including the significant ability for JWE to pre-assemble and test dry run all plants for client inspection prior to delivery, and ongoing stock supply and management.
The focused factory is commonly interpreted as having three intertwined dimensions of product focus, market focus, and process focus (Ketokivi and Jokinen 2006; Skinner 1974).
As the first to develop focused factory cells, we are committed to a team approach ideal for smaller volume production runs.
A separate focused factory is integrated into Building 5 to handle repair services.
A cost-effective and adaptive AGV system that delivers sequenced components to assembly stations makes this a focused factory.
We then went from a focused factory making gate valves and chokes, where the average run was 120 pieces, to a quick-reaction job shop where the average run size was 16 pieces.
A spokesman for the company said: ``Regrettably the action means that, despite major efforts to improve productivity and profitability, the manufacturing facility at Ellesmere Port has not been selected as a focused factory.
Freudenberg-NOK's Ashland small-lot focused factory will produce low-volume radial shaft seals for the automotive and general industry segments.
But we kept the assembly and service distribution operations separated out as its own business so that we could develop a focused factory and grow the business strategically.
Operational efficiencies embodied in just-in-time (JIT) and focused factory concepts were quickly adopted, as were more effective planning and control systems such as manufacturing resource planning (MRP II).
The press department, screw machine department, and machining department were combined into the fourth, referred to as the "primary focused factory.
The revamping incorporates three goals: balancing logistics with manufacturing, reducing Rubbermaid's cycle times and increasing throughput of the facilities with a focused factory approach, said Steven Strouse, vice president, supply chain management.
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