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If you live in a flood-prone area, how can you prepare and respond to the onslaught of typhoons?
In a bid to prevent the flood-prone area from surges of water, a "large pile of debris" was removed from the river by the Environment Agency earlier this month.
The adaptation of the British flood-insurance system has proven unsuitable, for many householders who are living out of a flood-prone area would have to pay higher insurance premiums.
The River Rouge project included the rehabilitation of 1,574 feet of a 1930s-vintage, 66-inch diameter brick sewer in a flood-prone area where nearby homes had required costly repairs after sustaining flood damage.
You can prevent injuries by determining if your area has a history of flooding or if your camp is in a flood-prone area.
8-mile section north of Saugus to get it out of a flood-prone area, the rained turned a temporary detour route into mud.
CONTROVERSIAL plans to build about 100 homes in a flood-prone area in Wolston look set to move on a step.
A FLOOD-PRONE area in Stockton is set to benefit from a package of defences.
Meanwhile, a former director general of the Royal Irrigation Department warned also that Bang Kradi Industrial Estate in Pathum Thani could probably be the next to be hit by floods after Nava Nakorn as it is located in a flood-prone area.
To determine if you're in a flood-prone area within the city of Los Angeles, call the city Public Works Department at (800) 974-9794.
The biggest flood control construction was in Barangay Bagong Silangan, another flood-prone area, where a 725-linear meter retaining wall was built beside Kalamiong Creek.
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