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Bair says interested homebuyers need not shy away from buying fixer-uppers, but they need to have a fair amount of extra cash on hand, as well as realistic expectations of what they're getting into.
Louis has 1,021 properties that meet the fixer-upper definition, while Cincinnati has 1,016.
It is the sort of book that our private clients and fixer-upper buyers will read, so as appraisers we should know what it says.
Eventually able to buy a place, we found a large fixer-upper with several wonderful outbuildings on five acres.
But Kory also said most people who looked at her Upper East Side fixer-upper showed little interest.
Funny lady Mindy Kaling has gotten dead serious, it seems, about selling a fixer-upper above the western terminus of the Sunset Strip that's newly re-listed with a substantially lower asking price of just under $2 million.
We are now witnessing the phenomena that an investment in a two-family fixer-upper has more legitimacy than an investment in IBM stock.
Since there's this NFL team representing N'Orleans desperately in need of a place to play, and since we're sitting on this old-school downtown facility that's good enough for the college football national champions that just sits empty on Sunday afternoons, and since we also have another fixer-upper over in Pasadena that'll play host to another college football national championship game in a few months, and since enough people out there don't think this makes much sense because of logistics and frayed nerves and whatever politics are involved, why doesn't Party Paul Tagliabue just flatout tell Tom Benson to pack his carpet bag and march his Saints from La.
She lives ill Madison with her partner, environmental lawyer Lauren Azar, in a Victorian fixer-upper they have taken on together.
Whether it's renovating their own home or helping a friend tackle that first fixer-upper, women of all ages and walks of life are finding a sense of joy and empowerment by mastering the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home improvement experience - without the assistance of the men in their lives.
A Hollywood filmmaker's fixer-upper on Malibu's Point Dume has become a bargain opportunity for a prominent sports agent.
Oh for a fix of a fixer-upper or a tear-down, a McMansion or a cozy starter