fixed price

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Fixed Price

1. See: Offering price.

2. A price that is not subject to negotiation. The fixed price may be set by a government, or may indicate that the seller has no interest to lower the price for any reason. One must either pay the fixed price or not buy the product. Many products must specify whether or not they have fixed prices because price negotiation is common in many parts of the world. For example, if Wal-Mart sells milk for $3 per gallon, milk is offered on a fixed price basis because the customer cannot make a counter-offer for $2.50. One either buys the milk at $3 or does not.

fixed price

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If approved by the DTE, the new Fixed Price Option Program would be available to NSTAR customers in October.
SFE and its affiliates are building on our success and experience in New York and Pennsylvania to expand and bring natural gas and electricity Fixed Price Protection Programs to Maryland and New Jersey.
I would postulate that across the profession, particularly if the contemplated contract structure is fixed price, the common practice is to do neither.
And therein lies the rub, because the government rarely knows what it wants with sufficient specificity to support reasonable fixed prices for evolving, complex or sophisticated products to be delivered years later.
Nigel Mason, from Co-operative Energy, said: "Thousands of customers were talked into signing fixed price contracts when energy prices were rising in the autumn.
We always urge people to think carefully before signing up for a fixed price plan and to read the small print - many carry early exit penalties," Lyon warns.
The new measures would make it easier for sellers to meet growing demand for fixed price goods and for the 15 million visitors a month to find the offers more quickly, eBay said.
Fixed price properties can be attractive to buyers, especially if they have lost out when bidding for properties with an 'offers over' price.
This is your chance to provide the customer with a customized list of services to meet their specific needs and wants, to offer a fixed price for those services and to specify the payment terms as well as any other level of agreement reached.
In a way, a collar is a swap in which the fixed price has been spread into a certain range.
The dispute before the Court of Federal Claims related to research credits claimed by Fairchild in connection with a fixed price incentive contract to build a next generation trainer aircraft for the Air Force.
Though OrCal's credit quality is enhanced during the fixed price period, cash flows remain subject to price volatility over the long-term.