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(1) To agree to buy. A dealer or customer who agrees to buy at another dealer's offered price is said to take the offer. (2) Euro bankers speak of taking deposits rather than buying money.

Take a Position

The state of owning or owing a security or other asset. One has a long position when one owns something, while one has a short position when something is sold, especially sold short. See also: Close a position.


To accept the price at which a dealer offers a security.


(1) A generic term meaning to acquire title by whatever means, such as by deed, by will, by purchase,or by gift,to name a few.(2) A common expression for a condemnation under the power of eminent domain.

References in classic literature ?
Mexico has perhaps ten thousand; New Zealand twenty-six thousand; and Australia fifty- five thousand.
The average European family sends three telegrams a year, and three letters and one telephone message a week; while the average American family sends five telegrams a year, and seven letters and eleven telephone messages a week.
I see that six thousand, and I raise her five thousand.
And I raise you five thousand just to lend a hand at keeping Jack out," MacDonald said, in turn.
I hump his hunch for five thousand just the same," said MacDonald.
Mebbe this is a case where a hunch after the draw is better'n the hunch before," Kearns remarked; "wherefore duty says, 'Lift her, Jack, lift her,' and so I lift her another five thousand.
All that evening nothing was spoken of but the foresight of Danglars, who had sold his shares, and of the luck of the stock-jobber, who only lost five hundred thousand francs by such a blow.
Desiree laid down two napoleons, keeping the five francs to pay for some necessaries, and then she took me in her hands, as if to ascertain whether she had done too much.
If I produce five archers who can out-shoot your ten, will you grant my men full grace and amnesty?
I'll take it at even money," she said, dismissing him; "and Your Majesty"--turning to the King who had been conversing with the two princes and certain of the nobles--"I accept your wager of five hundred pounds.
I have found five men whom I will pit against any you may produce.
How say you, if first we decide this open target and then match the five best thereat against your unknown champions?