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Similarly, at least 10 security pickets will be set up at different locations of the hospital with deputing two precise firers at each picket.
The test firers for the experiment are representative of the force, Pavlick said.
It was also intended to allow for the surrender of unwanted guns or ammunition as well as providing an opportunity to hand in air weapon imitations and blank firers which, while not illegal, may be being held for criminal or anti-social purposes, or no longer needed.
About 40 per cent of the firearms handed in across the Midlands during the amnesty were pistols, including blank firers, imitation and real weapons.
The haul includes 19 pistols, three rifles, four shotguns,nine air rifles,eight air pistols, four imitation guns, three starting pistols, three blank firers and one ball bearing gun.
Since the 1982 Imitation Firearms Act, all blank firers must undergo tests which show they are not readily convertible into proper weapons before they go on sale.
Appreciating the standard of marksmanship of participating firers from all over the army, the army chief said that training is a vital part of every soldier's professional development.
There were still more guns, including two 12-pounder quick firers and a four-inch "interrogation" gun to warn shipping.