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The variation of fineness between different brands of cement used for testing is shown is figure 1(a), all brands shown fineness values according to the limit requirements of ASTM (C 786 - 96) for fineness, larger the fineness larger will be surface area available, which will cause higher early strength and more swift discharge of heat.
Typically Cement fineness varies linearly with the mill power consumption as shown in figure-9 below.
seed cotton yield, seed index, lint percentage, fiber length, fiber strength, fiber fineness.
Influences of variables such as SCM type and limestone fineness were evaluated using laboratory paste mixtures.
Whether continuous harvesting mode affects yield and fineness remains to be elucidated compared with traditional harvesting mode.
The view adopted here is that probability indices are mostly useful as auxiliary measures of discrimination that provide additional information, and that enable the results obtained by using fineness measures to be interpreted more clearly.
The fibre strength is positively correlated to fibre fineness value as koo and Suh(2005) resulted that micronaire showed strong positive correlation with single fibre strength, independently of the diameter and negative correlation with single fibre elongation at the end of each spinning process.
In this tandem arrangement the first filter with a filter fineness of 200 [micro]m provides for the removal of coarse impurities, whilst the second filter with a filter fineness of 40 [micro]m undertakes the fine filtration.
The distinctive features and specifications of the coin as follows: denomination of the coin is One Riyal, fineness is 0.