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A key component is a treasury function that can source and manage the funds, whether through a bank, finance company or the public markets.
The Life Insurance Finance Association and most attendees expressed their concerns about the sale of stranger-initiated life insurance transactions that insurance regulators seek to stop by imposing a five-year ban on the re-sale of life insurance policies in the secondary market.
If you expect your global finance function to help you achieve your corporate financial goals, I suggest you increase the time your financial people spend on analysis and business counseling, or partnering, within the organization.
Following his position as a leasing agent and corporate tenant representative, Restifo continued his real estate career with the national development firm, The Galbreath Company, solidifying new business and development opportunities for the firm, while at the same time, building his personal database of real estate and finance contacts and friends.
With $15 billion in assets, GE Commercial Finance Corporate Lending is one of North America's largest providers of asset-based, cash flow, structured finance and other complementary solutions for mid-size and large companies.
Premium financiers like it because it's a win-win situation: The insured pays a monthly finance charge, and assigns them power of attorney to cancel the policies for nonpayment.
The foreign banks cleaned up their [domestic unit] balance sheets and injected a lot of capital into the Mexican banks, so during the last two or three years we have seen a boom in credit," says Federico Hernandez, director of corporate finance for KPMG Mexico.
The GSEs have played the instrumental role in the development of a historic mortgage finance bubble.
In the case of new facilities, we finance the construction and then, once they are completed, we always do the permanent financing.
If that wasn't enough, firms engaged in public finance also had to grapple with new restrictions, such as the increased scrutiny of market practices by federal regulators, a ban on political campaign contributions and calls to disclose more information to potential investors.
They are seasoned professionals, intensely aware of the importance of finance and IT talking and walking together in the face of ever-escalating demands for corporate systems to provide everything from automated financials and procurement, to real-time links to global offices, to protection against a myriad of viruses and other operation and security threats--and do so cost-effectively.