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For example, continuation applications can be filed off of pending reissue applications, which can provide additional opportunities for obtaining valuable patent claims.
A huge midweek following filed off an armada of coaches and McClaren paid them the compliment of a near full-strength side.
The fourth generation Forester has had some of the edges of its rough and ready character filed off, but Subaru had no alternative if it was to stand a serious chance of competing in the lucrative mid-size 4x4 sector.
That sizzling slap shot triggered a range of emotions among the beaten Bostonians as they filed off the ice at TD Garden.
There were distinctive marks on each lamp where the serial number and Cardiff City Council wording had been filed off.
After the two women kissed on the Virginia pier, the rest of the crew filed off the ship and immediately turned to the bigger issue at hand -- reuniting with their family and friends.
The Anatomy of Influence is the Anxiety of Influenceminus the anxiety part, and with all the edge filed off the old fear.
Prop repair is pretty technical and should probably be left to the pros, but tiny nicks can be filed off.
And as the shaken bus passengers filed off the bus, doormen from the Powerhouse nightclub and other members of the public pulled the 25-year-old and 34-year-old out of the car fearing it may explode.
Where was Andy Gray with his little wall chart plotting how England would line up as they filed off the plane?