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The Manama and Central Municipal Councils last year demanded the Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Ministry fence off the bay to stop people from intruding into private land, but their request was put on hold due to a lack of funds.
The NKZI has considered various solutions in addition to building a wall to fence off the line, which might turn out to be rather costly.
Some of these sites have already been filled this way,AcentsAA he said, adding that the municipality is also forcing owners to fence off their sites.
Inset: Coun Matt Redmond who is appalled at the decision to fence off the statue.
Middlesbrough Council has announced it will set aside pounds 17,000 to fence off a 268m stretch of the road, after the Evening Gazette revealed nothing had been done to repair the broken fence since Stephen's death eight months ago.
Do we fence off mountain areas because hikers might fall off precipices?
Director Dave Marshall said, "As a result of them returning, the club now feel obligated to fence off access to the area.