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The fact we fell short and only got 300 isn't a bad thing.
Uzbekistan rallied to beat Qatar 5-1 at home but still fell short of an automatic qualifying spot for the 2014 World Cup finals on Tuesday.
Google's quarterly results fell short of expectations for the holiday season as declining search advertising rates contributed to a rare miss, triggering a nine per cent slide in its shares.
Summary: BEIRUT: The Cabinet's recent decision to grant foreign husbands residency after one year of marriage was a "courtesy" move that fell short of addressing key women's demands, an advocacy group said Friday.
fall short : to fail to be as good or successful as expected <The sequel to my favorite movie fell short.
Sales of its top product, the cancer drug Avastin, fell short of analysts' expectations, however, and shares declined 4% over the week.
Casino Royale'' fell short of the $47 million opening weekend of ``Die'' but far exceeded Brosnan's first outing as Bond in 1995's ``Goldeneye'' ($26.
The committee fell short in every mandated representation category, but it was the lack of youth that prompted loud outcries.
It was in its obfuscation of any such broader implications of Hofer's photographs that the Norton exhibition, it must be said, fell short.
Russia's state environmental agency has signaled it may reject plans for part of the route of the controversial Far East pipeline, but it fell short of agreeing entirely with ecologists who say the route proposed by Transneft could endanger Lake Baikal.
And when we fell short at the closing, we reached out to Kennedy Funding and they stepped up to the plate.
Greenwell eventually fell just 10 runs short of his century and with his departure went the hopes of Crookhall, who fell short on 143.