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Programmatic use of processes promoting focused conversation around mutual problem-solving, shared visioning, collaborative learning, collegial coaching, and shared work do appear to facilitate the development of teacher thinking across the dimensions of dialogue identified in the analysis.
The FTC found that the PPA in effect renders NTSP as the sole bargaining agent of the competing physicians, and thus facilitates price fixing among competitor physicians.
Exploration facilitates business decisions, consultants ensure good design, while synthesis reviews progress and sets priorities.
will facilitate a Drama Arts Therapy Program for people with physical and intellectual disabilities who face barriers in their everyday living.
According to the regulations, it is not a "but for" test per se, pursuant to which costs that would not have been incurred but for the transaction must be capitalized, although whether or not the transaction occurred but for the transaction is a relevant factor in determining whether a cost was paid to facilitate it.
Short lesson plans should be available for counselors to facilitate the badge making.
For example, school counselors may wish to facilitate groups that focus on a number of issues including peer relationships, leadership training, fostering self-esteem, and developing social skills.
The registry is vital to the future of biometrics because it will greatly facilitate the integration of biometric technologies into networks that have important mass commercial applications.
On the other hand, underwriting such loans to have similar maturities, repayment schedules, and yield could make them more homogeneous and, thus, could facilitate their securitization.
Representatives from the Securities and Exchange Commission and the American Institute of CPAs SEC regulations committee recently completed a joint project designed to facilitate the reporting of a change in auditors under AICPA SEC practice section (SECPS) rules.
In order for high strength fibers to improve the strength and other properties of composites, there must be sufficient compatibility and bonding between the fibers and matrix to facilitate effective stress transfer.
Quovadx ISD, as part of the Accenture-led team, provided its clinical interoperability solution, leveraging flagship Cloverleaf[R] Integration Suite technology to support secure interoperability, and its Secure Object Client to facilitate physician office connectivity for the networked community.