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Extinguishing this type of fire requires Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical and Halogenated Types.
Rosenbauer's fire extinguishing systems for immediate deployment will be placed at pull-off bays and in firefighting stations as well as along the entire length of the tunnel in recesses with a depth of just 60 cm (23.
Bahmani said the Islamic Republic had set a new world record for extinguishing an oil well fire, the state news agency reported.
New extinguishing materials have been introduced in the "Fire Security in 21st Century" Exhibition organized in Moscow.
After the production of Halon was discontinued, the fire-protection community worked hard to develop effective extinguishing agents that do not harm the environment.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-10 September 2007-Bjorge ASA provides fire extinguishing systems for the Valhall platform in the North Sea(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Fire Inspector Jason Hurd said firefighters engaged in potentially dangerous work, discovering and extinguishing hidden fires behind walls.
Neill Hastie added: "Thanks to Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions we now have found, for the first time, a really robust solution to extinguishing fires involving plastic trays.
The airlines of the developing world are being advised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to bank their stocks of halons--chemicals vital for extinguishing aircraft fires--as the 2010 deadline to cease production approaches.
Risk of fires and explosions in dust collection/pneumatic conveying systems can be reduced by extinguishing sparks before they reach the filter.
Extinguishing the contingent tax liability allows the corporation to enjoy the immediate benefit of profit improvement by eliminating the contingent reserve on the income statement.
Designed for suppressing fires in computer rooms, petrochemical facilities, power plants, and other high-risk environments, the Simplex 4004R Suppression Releasing Panel controls the release of extinguishing systems.