extended coverage

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Extended Coverage Endorsement

An optional addition to a Standard Fire Policy that provides coverage for additional and more uncommon risks. Covered events include riots, explosions, airplane damage and so forth. One pays an additional premium for the extended coverage endorsement.

extended coverage

Insurance that covers specific risks not covered in a normal policy.
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About 140,000 vehicles are eligible for this extended coverage.
The company will contact owners by mail to notify them of the extended coverage and will cover costs of parts and labor should the engine mounts need to be replaced.
The Select Machinery Warranty is applicable to all eligible inventory of participating used machinery dealers and new machinery manufacturers, providing extended coverage against mechanical or electrical breakdown.
5 FM and 1380 AM will provide Sacramento radio listeners with extended coverage of the California Primary Election Tuesday, June 6.
Tri-Power Group has installed over 500 Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) providing over 100 million square feet of extended coverage into indoor environments underserved by existing networks.

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