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Payments made in cash or cash equivalents. Common examples of outlays include employee salaries and coupon payments on bonds. Revenue outlays are those made currently or those that will be made within a year, while capital outlays are those made for periods longer than one year. Outlays are recorded as liabilities on a balance sheet and are also called expenditures.


spending by buyers on PRODUCTS or ASSETS. Expenditure on a particular product or asset is equal to product or asset price times quantity bought, that is, TOTAL REVENUE.

In aggregate terms, expenditure by households, businesses and government (see CONSUMPTION, INVESTMENT, GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE) constitutes the AGGREGATE DEMAND, which (in conjunction with AGGREGATE SUPPLY) determines the level of activity in the economy.

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47 billion for expenditures on general administration, economic matters, statistics and publicity and
Given that some contract expenditures should be capitalized as military equipment, some should be reported as operating material and supplies, and some should be expensed, this identifier will provide the visibility to distinguish the appropriate classification and accounting treatment in an automated way.
Putting these categories of expenditures into some perspective, hospital services accounted in 1992-93 for 38.
Ibn Khaldun could easily see a sufficient explanation for economic cycles in the tax structure, and thus see no need to consider expenditures as well.
Overall expenditures during FY2016 have been estimated at Rs 4,451.
The Court of Claims held the company could deduct the expenditures currently since they (1) had not appreciably increased the value of the building, (2) were only a small percentage of the building's value, (3) had not substantially increased the building's useful life and (4) had not allowed the company to use the building in a different way.
The TAM avers that there was "no condition necessitating the expenditure outside of the normal wear and tear attributable to the use of the engine.
9] Physician fee increases and/or volume increases that cause expenditure growth rates to exceed the targeted Performance Standard Rate would lead to a mandatory reduction of the following year's physician fee increase by the same percentage amount by which the target was exceeded, barring specific congressional action.
The results suggest that expenditure on clothing for girls is generally higher than for boys, and expenditure on clothing for mothers higher than that for fathers.
Current expenditure has been estimated to be higher than the revised estimates for FY14 by
The government argued the expenditures were capitalizable under Indopco.
Thus, unlike the costs incurred in Plainfield-Union, the costs incurred to remove asbestos from the taxpayer's boiler house did not return the property to the state that it was in before the condition necessitating the expenditure arose.