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That section states that the Commission [SEC] shall treat as an exempt security under Section 3(a)(8) of the 1933 act "any insurance or endowment policy or annuity contract or optional annuity contract" that isn't a variable contract and that, if issued on or after June 16, 2013, is issued by an insurer that has adopted suitability rules at least as stringent at the NAIC Suitability in Annuity Transaction Model Reg #275 of 2010 and any successor thereto.
The draft, prepared by an ad hoc committee of legal experts from the presidential council and the parliament's debaathification committee, would exempt security officials who belonged to the former regime of the Baath Party from measures to have them sacked from their current security posts," Rashid al-Azzawi, a committee member, told Aswat al-Iraq Co Voices of Iraq Co (VOI).
With today's announcement, there is no change to Fannie Mae's exempt security status, and there will be no effect on the status of Fannie Mae's securities as "government securities.