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The act of filling an order to buy or sell a security. That is, when a broker executes an order, he/she actually makes a trade on behalf of the client. The date of execution is known as the trade date.


To complete, as by signing a contract or signing and delivering a deed.

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That's the linchpin because any time a government executes it claims it's for a grave crime.
When I observed my defensive rebounders having difficulty maintaining possession while attempting to execute an outlet pass, I began emphasizing a vigorous pivot with their Power Leg and abrupt movement of the ball from one side of their body to the other in rhythm with their leg pivot.
Determining what missions the civilian workforce is required to execute (for example, systems engineering, logistics, technical authority).
Since a 1:1 blocking ratio is not available, the QB fakes to the X, hands off to the running back, then executes the play action.
Execute branded products have recently been featured on four episodes of MTV's Next and will soon be seen in the upcoming show Room 411.
At this rate, it will take more than 600 years to execute them all.
We can further complicate the center's job by having the inside LBs execute an "X" or "I" blitz behind the fan.
These new features have increased the functionality and accessibility of this already powerful software and truly give customers the right tool to successfully design, implement and execute a Balanced Scorecard.
Rubicon currently has several letters of intent to acquire private companies that it plans to execute in the near future.
The report positions vendors in one of four quadrants based on the companies' vision and ability to execute on that vision.
The parties have agreed on basic terms of a binding share purchase agreement, which they presently expect to execute following the completion of the Offering Group's due diligence procedures.
Some computers will run a lockdown policy that stops all new software from executing, ensuring maximum protection; other computers will have a policy that warns when new software is found and allows users to decide whether the software can execute, providing protection and flexibility.