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The prime minister also advised for grant of total remission to juvenile convicts of under 18 years of age who have served one-third of their substantive sentence except those involve in culpable homicide, terrorist act, rape, robbery, dacoity and kidnapping.
In Hama, all main roads are open except some sub-roads such as the roads which lead to Massyaf, Ein Hallaqim, Ouj, and Wadi al-Oyoun due to the snowdrift and the formation of ice.
I will give you 10 euro except if you are not quiet However, this sentences sound natural with if-clause: If you are quiet, I will give you 10 euro.
AlwaysCare Group Critical Illness All states except AK,
Total remission has also been allowed to juvenile convicts (under 18 years of age) who have served 1/3rd of their substantive sentence except those involved in culpable homicide, terrorist act, rape, robbery, dacoity, kidnapping/abduction and anti-state activities.
Flights CX536 between Hong Kong and Nagoya and CX535 between Nagoya and Hong Kong will remain cancelled until the end of May except for 28 April 2011.
There is no part that nature will divide in actuality except that it has two ends and a middle, because the end is not limited, but everything that has two ends and a middle is divisible.
In addition to the prohibitions, all motor vehicles are required to carry one gallon of water or a fire extinguisher, one ax and one shovel, except when traveling on state and county roads.
All other serologic tests remained negative, except an increase of antibodies against Acanthocheilonema vitae used as antigen for unspecific serologic screening for filariasis (Laboratoire Marcel Merieux, Lyon, France).
I doubt it, except as a random compendium of images.
Situation 3: The facts are the same as in Situation 1, except that A is not covered by a health FSA.