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The casting out of a tenant from a tenancy. For example, a landlord may evict a resident of an apartment for non-payment of rent. Eviction may occur for a tenant's violations of the lease agreement. In general, however, the landlord must give notice a certain number of days before an eviction may take place.


The process of denying possession to a tenant.It may be one of the following:

• Actual, as when the landlord obtains a court order that the tenant vacate the premises or have his or her goods and person removed by law enforcement officials.

• Constructive, as when the landlord allows a condition to continue that renders the premises, or a part of the premises, incapable of possession and enjoyment.

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The report added that people are robbed of their right to appeal against eviction, in violation of international law.
Problems arise when tenants aren't home, said Martha DiCaro, an assistant chief who runs the Eviction, Levy and Warrant Unit of the Cook County Sheriff's Office.
Even as authorities mulled commencement of eviction exercise, some youth climbed trees and threatened to hang themselves in full public view if the eviction exercise began.
I am going back to the court today to have the eviction suspended," she said.
But more often than not, "a tenant will fight the eviction and this results in delays," explains Leibowitz.
About 40 officers from Warwickshire Police were called to the site as about 400 protesters formed a human blockade to prevent eviction.
PHAs can proceed with eviction if the tenant is involved in criminal activity that threatens the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents or PHA management staff.
The Supreme Court ruled the agriculture ministry did not meet conditions of land acquisition laws when it served 10 farmers with 30-day eviction notices last month.
You maximize your chances of having an eviction proceed smoothly and relatively cheaply if you objectively evaluate the situation at the first sign of trouble, adopt a course of action early on, and stick to the plan.
For more information on FRC's eviction dataset and the East Palo Alto affordable housing crisis, please visit www.
Despite a last-minute appeal to have the decision overturned the eviction went ahead, and if it had not been for local supporters, including one man risking arrest, this would have happened before the tenant had even returned home from court.
The SFSD Civil Division performs approximately 1000 evictions per year throughout the City and County of San Francisco, and seeks a liaison agency to provide early crisis intervention and homelessness prevention services to individuals (clients) identified for eviction proceedings.