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If all these criteria are met and the FTSE4Good index succeeds in increasing the pressure, then ethical investing will no longer be a separate issue.
We are strong believers in ethical investing and felt we should implement a structured social screening process for our iDayo Indicator [TM].
Ethical investing - putting your money into companies that do not exploit their employees or pollute the environment - has become big business.
1) She is the author of books including Socially Responsible Investing: Making a Difference and Making Money, The Challenges of Wealth, and Ethical Investing.
It covers subjects ranging from the need for savings, pension planning and risk assessment to the implications of genetic testing for insurance cover and the concept of ethical investing.
INTRODUCTION 7 Research methodology 7 PRODUCT AND SERVICE INNOVATIONS 8 Alternative and Structured products 8 Commodity-linked products 8 Guaranteed Products 10 Property-linked products 12 Expatriate products 14 Landowner products 15 Philanthropy and ethical investing 17 Philanthropy 17 Ethical/ sustainable investing 19 PRICING INNOVATIONS 21 Performance related fees 21 Combination fees 21 Pure performance fees 2 Wrap/separately managed products 25 Active advisory fees 26 PROMOTIONAL INNOVATIONS 28 Advertising 28 The name game 29 Client-specific promotion 31 Sponsoring events 32 Television 34 DISTRIBUTION INNOVATIONS 37 Joint ventures 37 Investment reporting 40 Online distribution 41 CONCLUSION 44
The survey also examined attitudes to ethical investing and found 53 per cent of shareholders did not consider themselves to be an ethical investor.
Domini is proving that ethical investing - investments screened for morality - do not also screen out profitability," said the Caring Institute in naming her as a recipient of this year's National Caring Award.
And the growth in ethical investing - at one time the preserve solely of the pious and idealistic - is highlighted by the fact that in Britain alone last year the amount of cash that found its way into new generation specialist funds rose by 27 per cent to pounds 3.
Ethical investing has boomed in the late 1990s, with more than pounds 1.
The boom in ethical investing this year has been helped by four new funds launched in the last six months.