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Quintanar-Escorza MA, Gonzalez-Martinez MT, Navarro L, Maldonado M, Arevalo B, Calderon-Salinas JV (2007) Intracellular free calcium concentration and calcium transport in human erythrocyte of lead-exposed workers.
Presence of additional signs including mainly neurological findings is directive especially in the diagnosis of erythrocyte membrane defects (Table 2).
Additionally, higher levels of fibrinogen favor formation of erythrocyte aggregates since this protein acts as an intercellular bridge [26, 27].
The present study demonstrates that trans-cinnamaldehyde triggers eryptosis, the suicidal death of erythrocytes, which is characterized by erythrocyte shrinkage and erythrocyte membrane scrambling.
On the smears made from day-2 EDTA sample, alterations in leukocyte and erythrocyte morphology were already evident; they were more pronounced on smears made on subsequent days.
Comparison of children with water As <10 and >50 [micro]g/L showed similar correlations between hair and erythrocyte As in both groups ([r.
Arsenic-induced echinocytic transformation of erythrocyte was confirmed by SEM analysis, which showed distinct membrane blebbing, increased number of spherocytes and microcytosis, but these were almost absent in the control group (figure 2A and B).
By the end of the study, erythrocyte sedimentation rate was slightly lower and tumor necrosis factor-alpha was significantly lower in quercetin-treated subjects, while no significant changes occurred in the placebo group.
Elevated circulating erythrocyte micronuclei in fishes from contaminated of southern California.
Erythrocyte MDA was measured according to the method of Esterbauer and Cheeseman (1990) [14] with slight modification.
9 A decreased activity of erythrocyte membrane Na+, K+-ATPase has been reported in Diabetics.