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At present, he is serving as Chairman of the Pennsylvania State Tax Equalization Board, an independent agency of the Commonwealth, tasked with obtaining information on real estate sales throughout the state.
In December 2015, Rockstep sued the Equalization Board of Garland County to appeal the mall's property assessment of $19.
com) has helped an electrical contracting company located in the Bay Area inside California get sales tax exemption for a Cessna Citation CJ 525 airplane from the California Equalization Board.
The equalization board voted 3-2, with Leonard dissenting, to order the man to pay the taxes on the missing liquor.
According to the court, by requiring the state tax equalization board to establish common-level ratios, the general assembly had obviated the danger of imposing an unfair burden on taxpayers.
The Independence County Equalization Board last week rejected FutureFuel Chemical Co.
On appeal the board argued that it was merely correcting a clerical omission in the data collected for the State Tax Equalization Board, which it discovered during the validation of the sale for realty transfer tax purposes.
Equalization board member Dean Andal and Jon Coupal of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association complained cities were getting rich off the utility users tax because residents have to pay more for energy.