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The aim of environmental impact assessment is to determine the potential environmental, social and health impacts of implementation of a specific project.
In his remarks, Mahmood Akhtar Cheema, Country Representative of IUCN Pakistan, said that Pakistan is early in introducing mandatory Environmental Impact Assessment at a national level, "and we hope that we will also be the ones with the support of the government to help introduce the Strategic Environmental Assessment at the policy level.
The aim of the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive is to ensure that projects which are likely to have a significant effect on the environment are adequately assessed before they are approved.
Nakaima did not say that he would reject accepting the environmental impact assessment report.
The project has been stalled for years due to environmental concern and its fate will be finalized in April or May, when the environmental assessment meeting under the Environmental Protection Administration will decide whether to endorse its environmental impact assessment.
Udaipur) offers a single-volume compendium of techniques for environmental analysis that are regularly used in environmental impact assessment, monitoring, and control.
The European Commission kicked off the process of revising environmental impact assessment (EIA) legislation, set for next year, with its 28 June launch of a public consultation.
If the results of the environmental impact assessment and capacity allocation are positive, construction of the pipeline is scheduled to begin in 2013 with commissioning in 2017.
The environmental impact assessment report and environmental management plan were produced under this project with the purpose to identify, prevent, mitigate any negative impact on the environment during construction and use of the given road.
The new locations of the quarries have not yet been defined as environmental impact assessments need to be carried out to find the least damaging location to the environment and health, said Hamad Al Matroushi, environmental impact assessment officer at the Federal Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi.
While this episode has been much publicised in the media, it has tended to overshadow the quiet evolution of practices of environmental impact assessment under the EPBC Act.

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