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The automaker will revamp the facility to create new aluminium engine blocks and other parts for next-generation vehicles, requiring new tooling and an additional 127 employees.
The plant, which currently has 630 employees on two shifts, builds a variety of aluminum engine blocks and cylinder heads for GM products, including the Buick LaCrosse and Chevy Malibu.
Left unchecked, these vibrations can continue traveling to the rear portion of the engine block and cause cracks near the oil pan housing area and starter motor mounting flange.
In addition, the PTWA coating process has been used to recycle damaged and worn aluminum and cast iron engine blocks by applying the wear-resistant coating to the cylinder bore surface.
In the case of the Dodge engine blocks, the cam tunnel was 22" long.
But results achieved by newer eddy separators on car shredder fines show that the metals content can be as high as 10 to 25 percent, mainly made up of small pieces of aluminium coming from engine blocks that have been shattered apart during the shredding process.
They have enabled the production of engine blocks that weigh about 66% less than their cast iron counterparts.
The Xcel UHA is designed as a high throughput, high accuracy CMM that can measure complex parts such as engine blocks and heads at 60+ ppm.
In the long run, she suggests, such work might help materials scientists to literally grow minerals and ceramics into lenses, engine blocks or components with specific magnetic, electrical or optical properties.
The demonstration of this engine will complete years of development work and will allow the sale of systems worldwide without concerns about having to ever replace the engine blocks.
To reduce by 2% CO2 emission by increasing replacing iron (a reduction of 28 kg is expected from replacing a iron engine of block of average 55 kg by an aluminium one)- To generate a new niche market of heat treatment lines for HPDC parts: 1 industrial line for FB heat treatment of HPDC engine blocks in the first year after finishing the project, and 3 lines in the second year (engine blocks or others).