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Transferring asset ownership by signing the back of the asset's certificate.


1. The payee's signature on the back of a check indicating that the payee has received the check. Banks require that payees endorse checks before they may be cashed or deposited.

2. An amendment to a document, especially an insurance policy. Informally, they are called riders.


To sign a negotiable instrument in order to transfer it to another party. For example, investors holding securities must endorse the certificates before delivery to the broker.
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Until the McCain-Feingold bill was passed, many groups on both the left and right used 527 organizations as a conduit to pay for independent television commercials that worked for but did not specifically endorse candidates.
When you guys endorse this stuff, a lot of duped city officials buy it.
The chapters found an ally in the ILWU, which broke with the other internationals and forced a debate on a resolution that would have allowed Labor Party chapters to run candidates at the state and local level, and to endorse independent candidates who are supportive of the Labor Party platform.
The Archdiocese of Santa Fe issued a statement asserting that it was not the intent of the fliers to endorse a candidate.
Martin Luther King during the 1960s and knows that while King used lots of tactics to secure civil rights, there was one thing he didn't do: endorse candidates for public office from the pulpit.