endogenous variable

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Endogenous variable

A value determined within the context of a model. Related: Exogenous variable.

Endogenous Variable

A variable with a value determined by the equation in which it exists. See also: Dependent Variable.

endogenous variable

a VARIABLE in an ECONOMIC MODEL that both affects and is itself affected by the relationship depicted in the model. For example, in the EQUILIBRIUM LEVEL OF NATIONAL INCOME model, an increase in consumption spending increases aggregate demand and raises the level of national income. By the same token, an increase in the level of national income (which results, say, from an increase in investment) will induce an increase in consumption spending. Compare EXOGENOUS VARIABLE.
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4, it is clear that transformative process has the most direct affect on the endogenous variable of new products development.
output gap and inflation, there is a need to introduce vectors of length nq where n denotes the number of endogenous variables and q denotes their lag order.
As noted, we estimate three first-stage equations to generate predicted values for the endogenous variables.
Block exogeneity refers to the exclusion of all the endogenous variables from the VECM other than the lags of the dependent variable.
This test is rejected in all estimations, indicating that the excluded instruments are relevant in explaining our endogenous variables.
Thus, all questions and aspects of endogenous variables of the research may be used in structural equations model.
Hence, Information Disclosure, Population of Construction, and Unemployment are treated as endogenous variables in the Dynamic Panel model for the purpose of controlling for estimation bias.
The null hypothesis is that the specified endogenous variables can actually be treated as exogenous.
To predict the endogenous variables of the model, we predicted the exogenous variables first, such as the number of researchers and the growth rate of the world economy.
Description of Endogenous Variables Both endogenous variables are based on lenders that joined the syndicate during the general syndication stage.
Endogenous variables are variables with causal links leading to them from other variables in the model.
Table 2: Model Parameters for Two-Factor Model: Wave 1 Path B Antecendants to latent endogenous variables Roles [right arrow] Childbearing .