endogenous variable

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Endogenous variable

A value determined within the context of a model. Related: Exogenous variable.

Endogenous Variable

A variable with a value determined by the equation in which it exists. See also: Dependent Variable.

endogenous variable

a VARIABLE in an ECONOMIC MODEL that both affects and is itself affected by the relationship depicted in the model. For example, in the EQUILIBRIUM LEVEL OF NATIONAL INCOME model, an increase in consumption spending increases aggregate demand and raises the level of national income. By the same token, an increase in the level of national income (which results, say, from an increase in investment) will induce an increase in consumption spending. Compare EXOGENOUS VARIABLE.
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Figure 2 illustrates the actual, simulation, and prediction values for endogenous variables in the model for the historical simulation covering the entire sample (1993 to 2008) and the prediction covering 2009 to 2013.
As Table 3 shows, the Akaike, the Schwarz and the Hannan-Quinn criteria propose the inclusion of one lag of the endogenous variables.
Predicted variances of independent endogenous variables (inherent and incremental intelligence) .
In the first stage, instrumented (predicted) values for all endogenous variables are developed by regressing each endogenous variable on all of the exogenous variables in the system.
In the dynamic Poisson model, it is verified that lags in the endogenous variable are statistically significant, meaning that this is a process with persistence.
For lagged endogenous variables and weakly exogenous variables to be valid as instruments, it is necessary that the transient disturbances are free of autocorrelation in the basic model [Blundell and Bond (1998)].
The other endogenous variable is a binary indicator indicating whether the individual had quit smoking.
For instrumental variables estimation, parameter identification requires at least one variable that is correlated with the endogenous variable, uncorrected with the error term of the outcome equation, and does not affect the outcome variable conditional on its regressors.
In so doing, a high ground is reached in that the context has become ready to make money as an endogenous variable and Islamic banking an integral part of the economic system, not a parasite.
First, a threshold reduced-form model is estimated by least squares, and then the fitted values of the endogenous variable are obtained based on this reduced-form estimate.
But, is it really the lagged endogenous variable which is driving the explanatory power of the equation or is it something else?
0 to obtain standardized regression weights, test statistics for significance, squared multiple correlations for the endogenous variable, the error term for the endogenous variable.